Woke Scout Guidelines Anger Parents

Scout leaders have outraged parents with a woke style guide that condemns traditional terms including ‘Girl Guides’.

It also calls for ‘postmen’ to be called ‘postal workers’ and ‘fireman’ to become ‘firefighters’ stating that terms should not ‘presume men are the default’.

While Scout chiefs insisted ‘no words are banned’ the guidance is unequivocal in parts. It states: ‘Refer to “Guides” rather than “Girl Guides”. Never use “he” or “his” to cover all genders - use “they” or “their” or rearrange your sentence.

‘Rather than “the winner should collect his prize”, try “the winner should collect their prize”.

‘Don’t use terms that presume men are the default, for example, don’t use “postmen” or “fireman” when “postal workers” or “firefighters” would do. It’s also “humankind”, not “mankind”. “Actor” and “comedian” cover people of all genders.’

It continues: ‘Family details and marital statuses are rarely relevant, unless the story is about family or marriage. Don’t describe a woman as “a mother of three”, or define her using her partner’s identity.’

The A-Z guidance on words and phrases for those writing material for the 113-year-old organisation has sparked fierce criticism from many parents.

Unfortunately, the cultural Marxists who have seized control of the Scouting movement - and every other government and NGO in the entire West, will pay absolutely no attention to parents, or to any normal citizens.

The ONLY way to deal with this sort of madness is to do what we are told in the Bible: "Come out from among them.... do not touch the unclean thing". In this case, parents who want traditional scouting need to set up their own alternative scouting groups.

If the plethora of 'patriotic/nationalist/Christian' political parties out there were to put some time and money into helping develop such parallel institutions, rather than exhausting themselves and their supporters fighting and losing elections, then things would be looking a lot better for traditionalists everywhere - and for all our children!