Contraception is more widely available nowadays than it has ever been. Despite this, we are in the midst of a dreadful pandemic of sexually transmitted diseases, with more and more rare diseases such as syphilis making a comeback.

In Britain alone, some six million abortions have been carried out over a mere thirty years – rivalling the Nazi holocaust in proportion.

Sadly, many young people are becoming sexually active at an earlier age, and facing devastating consequences – either through abortion, STDs or plain and simple ‘emotional damage’ due to their inability – thanks in no small part to their immaturity – to deal with such a powerful human facet.

So, if contraception is so effective, why is it that abortion statistics and STD casualties increase daily? The massive increase in money spent to promote the culture of ‘safe sex’ (if there is such a thing) has actually managed to produce a contrary effect. Why is this?

Remember that contraception is ‘big business’ and makes a ‘big’ profit – but not for you! Everything nowadays carries a first class guarantee, be it your new car, washing machine or personal computer. Have you ever seen any guarantees on a condom wrapper? Of course not. There is no such thing as ‘safe sex’.