LifeLeague is the premier pro-life and family values campaigning organisation. It was founded in 1999 with the aim of stopping Britain’s slaughter of unborn children by abortion. We seek to change the hearts and minds of those in society by awakening them to the reality of murder by abortion.

No one has the right to butcher babies.

We believe that debate and argument will not achieve the necessary results. Pro-life groups have tried this avenue for years, and it is clear that they have failed. Whilst debate and argument have their place, what people really need is to be confronted with the grim and gruesome reality of abortion.
Pro-life groups have never been allowed to show detailed images of what abortion does to children on television or in newspapers . Abortion, unlike other operations, is not explained to the person before it is performed. Pro-life views are not taken into account when ‘family planning’ literature is produced. Mainstream media and literature constantly try to dehumanize the unborn child as a means of making abortion acceptable.

We in The LifeLeague will continue the campaign against murder by abortion. What will you do?


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