W.H.O. Push Transgender Mutilation for Children

The World Health Organisation is in fact one of the giant global institutions at the dark heart of the push for a Luciferian 'one-world government' tyranny.

So it is no surprise that the WHO is now pushing not only forced vaccination and global elite  lockdown power, but also the transgender mutilation of children.

The WHO's latest guidelines on this whole ghastly subject are revealing in the extreme. The WHO calls for action “to fight the rapid spread of bans and restrictions on ‘transgender surgeries and drugs, especially for children”.  It says it will push for “increasing access and utilization of quality and respectful health services by trans and gender diverse people.”

Key goals of the WHO are mainstreaming “gender-affirming care” (by which they mean sex change surgeries and cross-sex hormones), “health workers education and training” (by which they mean the indoctrination of medical professionals), and the “legal recognition of self-determined gender identity” (by which they mean making it illegal to question gender ideology and making it mandatory to support these medical interventions on pain of punishment).  

 The ‘guideline development group’ chosen by the WHO is comprised entirely of ‘transgender’ activists and medical providers. All 14 members of the group are already invested in expanding access to multi-billion dollar ‘transgender’ medical protocols, including for minor children. Two members from South Africa, Chris McLahlan, a psychologist specializing in ‘transgender-affirming care,’ and Elma de Vries, a family physician, are co-authors of the World Professional Association for Transgender Health’s (WPATH)’ guidelines for transgender health which advocate that children as young as 12 can consent to ‘transgender’ hormone treatment and surgeries and that children even younger than that should be encouraged to ‘socially transition.’

Another member is Cianán Russell, the Senior Policy Officer at ILGA-Europe, the leading homosexual/transgender advocacy organization in Europe also known for refusing to   condemn adult-child sex. Another, Ayouba El Hamri, is described as ‘a trans and feminist activist based in Morocco’ with several affiliations to ‘transgender’ advocacy groups. Others include an activist from Lebanon who works in ‘trans and queer feminist organizing,’ an ’empowered transgender woman’ from the Philippines, a Columbia University professor at the forefront of transgender advocacy, and other transgender advocacy personalities.

While the guidelines put out by the WHO will not technically be binding, they will be incredibly influential, and journalists will treat them as binding. When they are published, you can be sure you will see them constantly quoted by trans activists in every mainstream media outlet during debates on sex changes for children, legislation, and debates about gender. Journalists will demand to know if politicians “are aware of the WHO’s guidelines” and will accuse them of being “anti-science” if they express disagreement. We’ve seen this playbook unfold time and time again. We’re about to see it implemented again.