WHO Backdown Over Vax Passports

In a rare victory for sanity and freedom, the World Health Organisation has backed down on proposed International Health Regulation amendments for compulsory vaccination and lockdowns. 

The WHO proposed to change their health regulations that guide member states in the event of a disease outbreak, like COVID, from from being advisory to being compulsory.

This would have represented a complete destruction of national sovereignty, and a huge expansion of the powers of the World Health Organisation. The WHO is headed by a notorious Marxist terrorist and is a major promoter of abortion worldwide.

After stiff resistance from African nations in particular, the proposal was defeated last year, but the WHO initially said it would be brought back this year. But the Final Report from the International Health Regulations Review Committee, released this week, has dropped the proposed changes.

The World Health Organisation will remain an advisory body. Dystopian elite demands, such as allowing the World Health Organisation to make binding health orders overriding democratically elected national governments, have been thrown out.

This includes the proposed powers that would have allowed the WHO to control:

  • systems for proof-of-vaccination or vaccination status,
  • quarantine procedures,
  • citizen travel & mobility,
  • forced vaccination,
  • lockouts,
  • lockdowns,
  • mandatory detention and,
  • other unacceptable infringements on people.

Gone is the universal ‘health passport’ – or vaccine passport – that was going to control the ability of citizens to travel internationally.

It was decided that this would raise ‘ethical’ and ‘discriminatory’ concerns. A global digital vaccine passport will no longer be developed under the committee’s powers.

The committee will remain confined to actual public health emergencies rather than ‘potential health risks’ – removing the widely held fear that their scope could be extended to ‘climate lockdowns’ and other human rights abuses.

This had been on the cards, because WHO had proposed to remove human rights from the regulations. After a worldwide backlash, the committee now strongly recommends the retention of the existing text, which is quote “full respect for the dignity, human rights, and fundamental freedoms of persons as an overarching principle”. This is a critical back down.

In their final report, the committee said that it was, “concerned that the proposals may unduly impinge on the sovereignty of state parties” and make recommendations “binding” instead of voluntary.

Their decision to throw out this attempt to grab power from sovereign governments is a crucial first step in stopping unelected global bureaucracies from overstepping their purpose.

Unfortunately, the fight is not over.

All of the terrifying proposed powers that have been summarily rejected this week, are duplicated in the proposed WHO Pandemic Treaty. This monstrous assault on our freedom is alive and well, sitting in the system waiting for our “leaders” to signed.

If the Pandemic Treaty were to be approved, it would enforce all of the binding health powers that others in WHO have just rejected. 

It is also unclear whether the welcome WHO decision will influence the G20 group of major pro-US industrial nations, which agreed at their November meeting to introduce a global vaccine 'health passport' this coming May. Freedom-lovers should continue to lobby the politicians of ruling parties in order to make them realise that supporting such draconian legislation would cost them their comfortable seats and fat salaries.