Vote for Abortion - Go to Hell!

A Catholic priest in Ohio blasted the transgender mutilation of children as “totally disgusting and evil” and warned that voters risk eternal damnation by supporting pro-transgender and pro-abortion policies, regardless of whether they are “personally opposed” to the practices.

Father Jay McPhillips of Newbury preached a fiery sermon earlier this month against LGBT ideology and abortion, imploring parishioners to reject a far-left ballot initiative in Ohio that would create a “right” to abortion and other so-called “reproductive decisions” in the state.

The priest spoke of the beauty of “God’s plan for sexuality” and attributed rampant abortion in the U.S. to the rejection of that plan.

“God’s plan for sexuality, the deepest expression of sharing their bodies,” he said, “is meant to be only between a man and woman who God has united to become one in the holy sacrament of marriage.”

“It’s not meant for a man and woman who God hasn’t united – the casual hook-up – and it’s certainly not meant for two men to share together or two women to share together, and folks, that’s where our culture just doesn’t understand the beauty of God’s plan,” he continued.

Moving on, the priest pointed out that “transitioning” is actually “impossible.” 

“Males in every cell of their body have an X and a Y chromosome – in every cell of their body. Women in every cell of their bodies have two X chromosomes,” he said. “So a true ‘transition’ is not possible. It doesn’t matter what drugs a person takes, or what surgery they perform on themselves, mutilating their bodies.”

Moreover, he added that people who undergo “transition” surgeries have a 20 times higher suicide rate, as a 2011 Swedish study found.

“So-called doctors who do these things or hospital systems who do these things or the drug companies that are involved, it’s not about helping people,” the priest said. “It’s all about them making money for themselves. They will destroy the lives of confused young people so they can make money.”

“It’s so totally disgusting and evil and just crazy,” he slammed.

Though “gender transitions” fly in the face of biological reality and carry massive risks, such as infertility and cancer, tens of thousands of minors in the U.S. have used puberty blockers or hormones in recent years for the purpose of “transitioning.”

At least 3,678 adolescents from ages 12 to 18 underwent some kind of irreversible transgender surgery between 2016 and 2020, according to a study released last month.

As well as setting out the physical and mental perils of 'transitioning', Fr. McPhillips devoted much of his homily to the spiritual consequences of voting for pro-LGBT and pro-abortion policies, particularly the ballot initiative in Ohio.

Voting for that amendment, he told parishioners, could mean losing one’s soul. 

“So, this amendment on the ballot in November, if somebody votes in favour of it, they put their eternal salvation at risk,” he said. 

They risk hearing Jesus saying on Judgment Day, ‘I was a preborn child, and you refused to protect me,’ or ‘I was a desperate woman, and you refused to put obstacles to my doing the unthinkable,’ or ‘I was a confused child, and you empowered me to destroy my life by opening the path to being transgendered,’ or ‘I was a parent of a confused child, and you set up my child to destroy his life by removing protections from his being transgendered without my knowledge or consent, and it destroyed my life and the life of my whole family.’

“The amendment on the ballot in November, folks, could be a matter of salvation or damnation,” Fr. McPhillips warned.