Vigano in New Broadside Against Vatican

The greatest living clergyman in the Roman Catholic Church has launched another broadside against the Vatican and its heretical anti-Pope. Writing on 4th November, Archbishop Carlo Vigano said that "there is not a single one of the saints, doctors of the Church, or popes, up to and including Pius XII, who would approve anything of what is currently happening in the Vatican."

He went on to say that "On the contrary, every one of them without distinction would recognize in the action of government and pseudo-magisterium of the past few decades – and of the present “pontificate” in particular – the work of the enemy infiltrating the sacred precinct, and would not hesitate to condemn it....

"The permanent revolution, a hallmark of the current ecclesiastical structure, has seduced many faithful laity and clergy with the lure of the liberal mentality and Hegelian thought, making many moderates believe that their momentary quiet existence is sufficient to guarantee an impossible coexistence between tradition and revolution, due to the sole fact that they are allowed to celebrate the ancient Mass in exchange for accepting the compromise and not questioning Vatican II, just as the Jews compromised with the priests of Baal at the time of the prophet Elijah.

"For the first time in history, in this battle between the Church and the anti-church, the former is not only marginalized and persecuted, but also finds herself defrauded of the supreme authority of the Roman pontiff, which has been usurped and used to demolish its own authority from the very foundations, in order to make official a transition that began sixty years ago. “She sails without a helmsman in a great storm” (Dante, Inferno, VI, 77)."

The battling Archbishop, however, finished his missive on a very positive note:

!If we did not have the promise of Christ with the Non prævalebunt, one would believe that the gates of hell are now triumphant. But we know that the apparent victory of the enemy is all the closer to the end the greater the arrogance of those who dare to challenge Our Lord, and that our tribulations are the blessed earthly punishment with which He purifies us, putting before us the horror of the apostasy of a pope and also many bishops along with him. Let us therefore thank the Divine Majesty for having made so many masks fall off, behind which lost souls were hiding. Masks that dropped off especially during the farce of the Synod on Synodality, and which allow us to understand how true and timely Our Lord’s words are: “No one can serve two masters” (Lk 16:13)."

Amen to that!