University Raises Pagan Statue of Abortionist

A towering gold statue of a humanoid woman originally named in homage to abortion waerected at the University of Houston this month.

From now until Halloween, the university will host the sculpture with braided hair shaped like ram horns, tentacle-like protrusions in place of arms, and a “lace” collar in honor of the late Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

The “horns” are reminiscent of a Baphomet image. While the artist behind the work, Shahzia Sikander, has not admitted to deliberately echoing satanic imagery, but it is plain for all to see.

Last year, the New York Times published an article about an identical sculpture designed by Sikander when it was placed atop a New York City courthouse. Sikander told the Times that she named the artwork “NOW” because it was “needed ‘now,’” when the reversal of Roe v. Wade limits women’s so-called “right” to kill their babies through abortion.

“The luminous figure is a nod to Ruth Bader Ginsburg, as seen in the detail adorning her collar,” Sikander explained in a statement about the sculpture. “With Ginsburg’s death and the reversal of Roe, there was a setback to women’s constitutional progress.”

Ginsburg is considered a “feminist” icon in large part because of her radical pro-abortion stance. The late Justice went so far as to defend a “right” to partial-birth abortion multiple times, even as Justice Clarence Thomas described in one dissenting opinion the brutal manner in which abortionists crush the skull or vacuum out the brains of babies during partial-birth abortions.