UN Steps Up Attack on Women

Transgender ideology and universal abortion access. These are the twin evils being pushed at the United Nations' 68th Commission on the Status of Women. The One World bureaucrats are making an unprecedented push towards an agenda that fundamentally threatens the pillars of life, family, and the very notion of biological reality. Their draft proposals are nothing short of an attack on all women - and of course on our Creator.

Despite being promoted as a platform for women's rights, this year's UN 68th Commission on the Status of Women (CSW) is aggressively advancing narratives that undermine the biological essence of womanhood and pose a grave threat to our children and grandchildren. 

Their goals this year are more blatant than ever.  They are hell-bent on pushing transgender ideology and universal access to abortion. The current proposed draft, influenced by radical feminists and pro-abortionists, is looking like an outright war on the traditional family, human life, and biology. It's a radical agenda of death and perversion.

Their intention of corrupting young girls from an early age with pro-abortion indoctrination is also repeated throughout the document. They are adamant about promoting transgender ideology as extensively as possible, repeatedly advocating in favor of highly harmful puberty blockers and gender-change surgeries for teens and young people.

They keep promoting the extreme ideas that women can't be defined by biology and that gender is made up by society. No woman, teen or child is safe from these global elite monsters. We must continue to work and to pray for an end to this Satanic sickness!