Uganda Stand-Off With EU Death Culture

Uganda - one of a number of pro-life Christian African nations where abortion is broadly illegal - is continuing its stand against the West's death cult LGBTQ madness as well.

Determined to resist Western pressure and bribery, Uganda is firmly defending its traditional values and resisting radical sexual ideologies. The latest move is an announcement by its President (pictured) that it will postpone signing the New Partnership Agreement with the European Union (EU) and a coalition of African, Caribbean, and Pacific nations due to the agreement’s lack of clarity on points related to sexuality and gender ideology.  

The agreement includes 79 countries in Africa, the Caribbean, and the Pacific and threatens to impose radical gender and sex “education” on conservative nations and undermine their respective sovereignty. It was signed on November 15 and legally binds signatories for the next two decades.  

On Friday, November 17, the Ugandan Parliament announced that it would not sign the agreement until clarification on these issues and complete understanding of the agreement has been reached. The New Partnership Agreement, which is the latest instalment under the overarching Samoa Agreement, is designed to address issues related to “human rights” and development, governance, security, “environmental sustainability,” and migration. In other words - to impose the death-wish anti-culture of the European and globalist elite on the nations of the Third World.