Who Runs Twitter? Vigano Suspension Suggests NOT Musk

Twitter, the social media platform that has boasted free speech protections since coming under the control of Elon Musk, has suspended the account of Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò. 

On Saturday afternoon, word began to spread of the incident with followers demanding an explanation from owner Elon Musk and calling for reinstatement of the account. 

The account is labeled “suspended” and all posts hidden, an action which Viganò describes as “shameful.”

Deacon Nick Donnelly first announced the “bad news” on Twitter, writing that the platform “has suspended the account of the courageous Archbishop Vigano [and] silenced one of the few voices amongst the Catholic bishops speaking out against the globalist agenda.” 

Comments left under posts regarding the suspension express dismay at the incident and call on Musk to investigate the reason behind it and reinstate the account. Although the motivation to cancel Viganò from the platform is unclear at this time, it comes less than two weeks after the archbishop founded an international organization to assist priests and religious under attack for defending the teachings of the Catholic Church. 

In recent months, Viganò has also blasted the “blasphemous” acts of honoring the anti-Catholic Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence at a major league baseball game and applauded those who gathered in prayerful protest of the LA Dodgers’ “pride night” on the Feast of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. Additionally, the archbishop criticised the globalist New World Order as similar to the “antichurch of Satan.” 

It is still unclear as to what is going on. Has Musk tried and failed to get rid of the Woke bigots who infested Twitter before he bought it? Or is he a false, controlled opposition to the global liberal coup d'etat, simply there to raise our hopes, waste our time and then let us all down?