Trump Confirms He Won't Ban Abortion

Former President and presumptive Republican White House nominee Donald Trump confirmed to journalists on Wednesday that he will not sign a federal abortion ban if it reaches his desk.

CNN reports that he was asked point-blank if he would sign an abortion ban that did muster enough support to clear Congress, to which he answered “no.” The stance marks a reversal from his 2016 pledge to sign the federal Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act, and his urging of Congress to send the same law to his desk at the 2020 March for Life.

Trump announced on Monday that “whatever” individual states “decide must be the law of the land” on abortion instead of pursuing further pro-life protections at the federal level, while reiterating his support for embryo-destructive in vitro fertilization and rape, incest, and “health” exceptions for abortion laws. Direct abortion is always gravely immoral and never needed nor ethically justified to save a mother’s life.

Trump also stated on Wednesday that Arizona went “too far” when its highest court allowed the enforcement of a near-total abortion ban dating back to 1864 and codified in 1913, expressing confidence it will be “straightened out” back “into reason” by Arizona leaders; and predicted without disapproval that “Florida’s probably gonna change” when residents vote on a ballot initiative to create a “right” to abortion that would invalidate a six-week ban Trump has repeatedly criticised.

The former President is playing a dangerous game. He clearly believes that his large pro-life support base will vote for him over the full-on abortionist Biden whatever he says on this issue. But what if people decide simply to stay at home and note vote at all?