Trans Madness in Scottish Schools

The official promotion of child-mutilating trans madness has now infiltrated Scotland to a frightening level. Almost all Scottish secondary schools allow young people to ‘self-identify their gender’, it has been revealed.

According to Freedom of Information requests obtained by campaign group For Women Scotland, more than 95 per cent of schools operate a gender self-ID policy, and just 4 per cent reliably inform parents when their child “discloses feelings of gender distress”. Almost all secondary schools (98 per cent) submitted responses.

Over half of schools (54 per cent) also allow boys to participate in girls’ PE lessons, while at least 60 per cent fail to maintain single-sex toilets.

For Women Scotland Director Trina Budge said: “There is a misconception that the occasional headlines in the press about children socially transitioned without parents knowledge or boys causing upset by using the girls’ toilets represent isolated incidents.

“This report conclusively disproves that theory. Schools, by and large, unquestioningly follow advice, even when it is out of date, unlawful and supports an unscientific contested belief system”.

Groups such as LGBT Youth Scotland have been influential in promoting radical gender ideology in schools, and in two schools in East Lothian, staff developed guidelines shaped by the group on hiding children’s ‘gender identity’ from parents.

For Women Scotland urged the Scottish Government to ditch its own pro-trans guidance for schools, stop the involvement of activist groups and allow parents to view teaching materials.

One mother told The Daily Telegraph that she was reported to social services for asking George Watson’s College in Edinburgh to take a “watchful waiting” approach with her gender-confused daughter, instead of treating her as if she were a boy.

Although the school apologised for “any distress caused” and social services took no further action, the mother said: “The stress of it was absolutely horrendous.”

She added: “I feel that our child was just seen as a little guinea pig by the school and LGBT Youth Scotland.”

In a motion brought before Holyrood at the beginning of May, the Scottish Government was urged to adopt the findings of the Cass Report.

During the debate, Conservative MSP Murdo Fraser hailed the work of Dr Cass as “a welcome step” towards changing perspectives “on the treatment of young people with gender issues”.

Fraser said parliamentarians “should not be permitting the mutilation of young bodies in the name of an anti-science ideology”, and that all in Holyrood who had “allowed this abuse to occur in furtherance of a toxic ideology” should be ashamed of their conduct.

Last month, NHS Scotland’s gender identity clinic announced that it had paused the prescription of puberty-blocking and cross-sex hormones to new patients.