Tranny Bigot Attacks Pro-Lifers

A bigoted transgender activist  has been arrested after attacking marchers at a pro-life demonstration in Virginia. A video clip shared by Students for Life of America shows a man charging through the crowd at the Richmond March for Life, brandishing a transgender flag and lashing out at marchers.

“Apparently this activist is infamous and has appeared at events like this before. He came rushing forward, chanting something, and I knew he was going to attack so I pulled out my phone to record it,” said Students for Life Action's Savanna Deretich. “He sprinted up to our people, knocked the glasses off people’s heads, dashed through our march sign, and kept running. I saw he was arrested by police sometime later.” 

The incident reminds us yet again of the common ground between the radical LGBT and pro-abortion movements and a propensity for violence that tends to go ignored by the mainstream media. Both, for a start, have been heavily financed by the likes of George Soros and the medical-industrial complex.