Top Microbiologist Slams mRNA Vaccines

“Whoever propagates RNA vaccines as effective and safe – whoever claims nothing can happen to your genome – is either incredibly ignorant or endlessly evil."

So says Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi, retired University of Mainz professor of microbiology. He was speaking with Dr. Mark Trozzi and seven other expert witnesses on a platform organized by the World Council for Health. Professor Bhakdi called on the people – and the doctors – of the world to decide where they stand.

“Fellow citizens and physicians of the world, turn away from the perpetration of this monstrous crime against humanity,” he said.

“Do this to save yourselves, your descendants, to rescue the name of your family, or go down in history as one of the greatest criminals of all time.” 

Bhakdi’s segment on the three-and-a-half hour video was devoted to an explanation of the workings of the mRNA injections, with specific focus on the recently discovered plasmid DNA that they contain.

He claimed that not only is this plasmid DNA present, but that it can indeed cause genetic mutation in the host. What is more, he says, these mutations can be inherited. This means that the children of those receiving the injections can be subjected to genetic modification without being injected themselves, and without consent.

Bhakdi’s detailed explanation showed how this plasmid contamination leads to involuntary and uninformed genetic modification. He also noted that the lipid nanoparticles of the vaccine travel into the bodies of unborn babies in the womb, and also travel into babies through breast milk, transmitting a recipe for the production of alien material which inscribes itself into the “book of life.”

“Cell uptake of plasmid DNA alters the entire set of DNA instructions, and by definition equates with alteration of the genome,” Bhakdi said.

This will lead to long term production of “non-self” material, provoking “long-term inflammation and organ damage throughout the body.”

Bhakdi noted that injuries such as vascular damage, blood clots, bleeding and tissue death even in the heart, brain and damage to the autoimmune system are all likely to result. Pointing out that the heart cannot replace dead cells, he asked, “Who has not heard of the mysterious sudden deaths that are occurring around the world?”

“They are only the tip of an iceberg,” he concluded.