Taxpayers Fund Gender Warping App

UK taxpayers are paying to put their own children on the path to genital mutilation. A business part-funded by the NHS has been accused of ‘schooling’ children struggling with their mental health in gender ideology.

Kooth PLC boasts that 60 per cent of all 10 to 25-year-olds in the UK have free access to its digital mental healthcare platform courtesy of NHS and local authority funding.

According to an investigation by parent group Transgender Trend, Kooth allows users to self-ID as male, female, ‘agender’ or ‘genderfluid’, hosts chats on topics such as ‘Coming Out As Trans’, and directs children to sites promoting breast-binders.

Transgender Trend cites Kooth’s links with the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP) as a “major driver” behind its approach to gender identity.

It explained: “Following the BACP they affirm their users’ identities, in many cases not knowing if they are treating a boy or a girl.”

BACP’s position on gender identity hardly differs from LGBT activist groups such as Stonewall or Mermaids.Transgender Trend

The group also argued that Kooth “does not reflect current significant developments in treating gender-related distress”, failing to consider the upcoming closure of the scandal-hit Tavistock clinic or the findings set out by the Cass Review.

In its exposé, Transgender Trend revealed that “Kooth staff visit schools and youth groups in person” to market its products.

‘Nightmare scenario’

Writing for free speech website UnHerd, feminist Mary Harrington described the platform as “riddled with highly politicised trans-activist assumptions”.

Harrington continued: “There’s something nightmarish about this scenario. Epidemic levels of (predominantly female) youth psychic distress are being funnelled through a kind of online sausage machine of the soul, in the name of ‘access’.”

Adding: “Starved of in-person presence and empathy, nothing prevents the loneliness and misery of young girls being colonised by the disembodied and dissociative one-size-fits-all ideology of gender.”

it’s perhaps the ultimate bargain-basement solution for price-sensitive healthcare, in an age that’s both overtly concerned with ‘mental health’ and profoundly indifferent to what such health would actually imply.