State-Funded Satanic Abortion Hotline

We've always said that abortion is fundamentally Satanic, and here's the latest examplye of this truth in action:

New Mexico taxpayers are helping to fund a state abortion hotline that connects pregnant women to The Satanic Temple’s new medical services branch, according to an investigative report by a statewide pro-life organization.

On Tuesday, New Mexico Alliance for Life reported that it conducted a public records investigation and found that the state’s new taxpayer-funded abortion referral hotline was directing women to a bevy of abortion businesses.

Far-left Democratic Gov. Michelle Lujan-Grisham said last month that the hotline was already live, though it was still being developed. It’s reportedly staffed by registered nurses with the New Mexico Department of Health and directs women to abortion businesses and helps them obtain transportation.

One of the abortion businesses in the directory, according to New Mexico Alliance for Life’s research, is a “telehealth” service run by The Satanic Temple (TST).

The Satanic Temple has frequently made headlines for explicitly attempting to undercut Christianity in the public square by engaging in controversial and blasphemous activities and by openly promoting abortion and transgender ideology.

Earlier this year, the twisted organization drew outrage when it announced plans to establish a “clinic” in New Mexico derisively named after pro-life U.S. Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito’s mother. 

The Satanic Temple’s medical services branch, TST Health, reportedly provides “telehealth screenings and appointments” conducted by the satanic organization’s newly minted medical services branch. Women can then be prescribed chemical abortions drugs that they can then purchase from a pharmacy.

According to its website, “TST Health provides free religious telehealth medication abortion care, courtesy of The Satanic Temple.”

“Why are taxpayers of New Mexico forced to promote The Satanic Temple religious abortion center through the pro-abortion governor’s hotline”? said Elisa Martinez, the executive director of New Mexico Alliance for Life.

Abortion is currently legal in New Mexico with no gestational limitsmandatory waiting periods, or requirements for parental notification.

Earlier this year, Gov. Lujan Grisham further reinforced the state’s radical pro-abortion stance by signing a law codifying legal protections to kill babies in the womb and commit mutilating transgender surgeries. 

The state’s pro-abortion governor also recently allocated $10 million in taxpayer dollars to help bankroll an abortuary strategically positioned on the border of pro-life Texas.

“Is the state of New Mexico fully disclosing to women that ‘TST Health’ is a satanic ritualistic abortion center and that abortion is not a life-saving procedure — that it involves the ending of an innocent human life?” she asked.

The pro-life group reported Tuesday that abortions have skyrocketed in the state following the U.S. Supreme Court’s overthrow of the federal “right to abortion” in its Dobbs v. Jackson decision last year. 

While neighbouring states like Texas began enacting laws protecting the unborn, New Mexico was among the far-left states that immediately moved to become safe havens for abortion, even urging women to travel from out of state to obtain abortions.

Knowing that babies are made in God's image, Satanists delight in getting them murdered, so that their innocent blood becomes a sacrifice to Satan.