Russia Bans LGBTQ Lobbies

The highest court of the Russian government has officially declared the “international LGBT social movement” as “extremist,” banning its activities.  

During a hearing on November 30, the Supreme Court of Russia approved a petition, made by the Ministry of Justice earlier in the month, to consider the movement one of extremism and therefore prohibit its formal actions to take place in the nation.  

Though the specific acts that are included in the Ministry’s designation of “international LGBT social movement” are unclear, the ruling of the Supreme Court presumably opens the door for LGBT organizations to be shut down and its leaders and members to be scrutinized by law enforcement.  

The decision was the result of a lawsuit filed by the Ministry of Justice, which said that “various signs and manifestations of extremist orientation, including incitement of social and religious discord, have been identified in the activities of the LGBT movement operating on the territory of the Russian Federation.”