Putin Calls for Strengthening of Family Values

He's portrayed as a monster in mainstream media reports, but while Western leaders glorify all sorts of LGBTQ madness and describe abortion as 'reproductive health', Vladimir Putin repeatedly makes a very vocal stand for Christian family values.

Work to strengthen traditional values, including religious ones, as well as increasing the prestige of motherhood and fatherhood, should be carried out in all directions, said Russian President Vladimir Putin, speaking earlier this month at the VIII Eastern Economic Forum in Vladivostok.

“We need to work hard in all areas, including, by the way, in the information sphere. With the support of the public and the media, raise the prestige of motherhood and fatherhood, encourage people to have a good healthy family, strengthen our traditional values, including religious ones. This is a large complex of work,” Putin said, speaking at a plenary meeting of the Forum.

Can you imagine a Biden, Trudeau or Sunak saying such a thing, still less actually doing anything to back it up? No chance! So which side in the current incredibly tense and dangerous global confrontation is on the side of Good?