Pro-Lifer Confronted by Police

A retired scientist and charitable volunteer has brought a formal complaint against council officials who forced her to move from a public street where she was standing, peacefully praying, and holding a sign.  

Livia Tossici-Bolt, who believes that, “both Mum and baby matter in every pregnancy,” had been advertising charitable help on offer to women in crisis pregnancy situations. Three officers approached her and accused her of breaching the local “buffer zone,” which bans “expressions of approval or disapproval” of abortion, including through prayer. In this instance, Tossici-Bolt was not standing within the zone. 

The officers accused Tossici-Bolt of standing within the local “buffer zone”; but video evidence confirms that the volunteer was outside of the zone’s boundary, and out of sight of the facility, at a distance of over 150m away. 

“I have devoted my time to supporting women in crisis pregnancies for many years, sharing information about support available should they choose to keep their babies. This is what real choice looks like for women. In implementing a censorial ‘buffer zone,’ the authorities have deterred me from offering that help where it’s needed most, near the abortion facility. But even now, when I have stood outside the boundary of the censorship zone, authorities have acted to intimidate and remove me – simply for praying and offering help. It isn’t right that they should be allowed to do this, solely on the basis that they disagree with my peacefully-expressed beliefs,” said Livia Tossici-Bolt.