Pro-Abortionist Acts to Save RATS!

A notoriously pro-abortion member of the US Congress has introduced a bill to outlaw glue traps designed to eliminate rodents because he considers them to be “cruel” and “inhumane.”  

Rep. Ted Lieu (D-California) took to social media to boost his call to protect rodents from “inhumane” treatment. Lieu’s bill seeks to criminalise glue traps because he considers their use to be “ruthless,” but he’s fine with murdering children in their mother’s wombs. 

Rep. Lieu has consistently voted to eliminate or prevent protections for the unborn and for children born alive after failed abortions. Rep. Lieu has voted to eliminate prohibitions on taxpayer funding for abortion, domestically or internationally, including by redefining longstanding safeguards against abortion funding to allow taxpayer funding for abortion travel expenses. Rep. Lieu has worked to allow radical abortion ideology to be inserted into every facet of the United States Government.