Pro-Abortion Bishop's Latest Blasphemy

A pro-abortion and pro-LGBTQ bishop in Austria has sparked outrage by hanging a blasphemous 'lenten cloth' image in his church.

The cloth shows a pig heart half covered by a condom, and angry Austrian Catholics are considering a criminal complaint against their bishop for “disparagement of religious teachings.” 

Bishop Hermann Glettler of the Diocese of Innsbruck installed the so-called “lenten cloth” in the 18th century “Innsbrucker Spitalskirche”(i.e. hospital church). He previously defended it as an “attempt to create a dialogue with contemporary art”, claiming that the image is “of course” not a depiction of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. 

However, the anger of faithful Catholics was seemingly too much for the prelate, leading Glettler to announce on Tuesday that he will “take down the work of art before Holy Week” as “a sign of reconciliation,” the local newspaper Tiroler Tageszeitung reported. 

The Bishop of Innsbruck is under pressure by his critics. In fact, he is facing legal charges on two accounts. Firstly, faithful Catholics are thinking about filing a criminal complaint against Gletter for “disparagement of religious teachings,” according to Secondly, local politician Gerald Depaoli announced that he will file a legal complaint against Glettler because the bishop made public the email addresses of all his critics in his response email. This means that Glettler may have violated the Austrian Data Protection Regulation. 

What would Muslims do if a heretic, liberal, perversion-loving Imam did something like this in a mosque?