Pope Takes Pagan Climate Hoax to New Level

Pope Francis has stated that the world is at “a point of no return” regarding climate change and is now on “a road to death.”

“Unfortunately, we have gotten to a point of no return,” Pope Francis told CBS’ Norah O’Donnell when asked for his concerns about “climate change.”

The whole man-made climate change hoax is intertwined with a viciously anti-human and anti-Christian Earth goddess cult, so it is not really surprising to see the Pachamama Pope doubling down on this pernicious nonsense.

“It’s sad, but that’s what it is,” Francis said during an interview aired in full May 20. “Global warming is a serious problem. Climate change at this moment is a road to death. A road to death, eh?” 

The Argentine pontiff has made the topic of climate change or environmentalism one of the central ones of this 11-year pontificate, issuing two key texts in doing so: Laudato Si’ in 2015 and Laudate Deum in 2023. 

In Laudate Deum, he issued stark calls for “obligatory” measures across the globe to address the issue of “climate change.”

"Obligatory measures", of course, means crushing the material well-being of ordinary citizens. More seriously still, it involves a raft of measures aimed at slashing the world's population, including birth control, abortion and the promotion of sexual deviancy.