Polish Bishops Keep the Faith

“Every person — not only a member of the Catholic Church — of good conscience is faced with a moral obligation to respect human life from its beginning until natural death,” he said. “This is a teaching that refers to natural law, which is binding on the conscience of every person.”

The head of the Polish bishops’ conference shared strong words in defense of life this week, declaring firmly that laws permitting abortion and euthanasia are unjust and that all people, not just Catholics, must value human life from the moment of conception until natural death.

“Due to opinions increasingly present in the public space about the alleged need to expand access to abortion, I wanted to recall the position of the Catholic Church on the issue of the right to life,” Archbishop Stanisław Gądecki, chairman of the Polish Episcopal Conference, wrote in a statement published on Friday. 

The pro-life call is in response to moves by the newly elected EU puppet government of Donald Tusk to legalise abortion through the administrative backdoor.

In his statement, Archbishop Gądecki conversely urged all people in Poland to adopt a pro-life stance, including lawmakers.