Non-Binary Witch Shames Ireland

An Irish witch and self-professed “non-binary” individual is representing the once-Catholic nation in the 2024 Eurovision song contest, performing a song with blatant representations of satanism and occult behavior. The national shame is only heightened by senior politicians joining in the campaign to "Crown the Witch".

On May 7, 31-year-old Bambie Ray Robinson – known by her (?) stage name of “Bambie Thug” – secured a place in the Eurovision final taking place on May 11 in Sweden. Robinson claims to be non-binary and describes its work as “Ouija pop,” with prominent and indeed central aspects of satanic-inspired images, actions and symbols present throughout.

The song, with which Robinson secured her place in Saturday’s final, is described by Eurovision itself as being “about the feeling of having your potential overlooked and is an ode to the queer community.”

 in 2023, Robinson stated that the then-unreleased song “Doomsday Blue” is explicitly satanic. “I have a song called ‘Doomsday’ that isn’t out yet. I spoke tongues under the beat or we all speak backwards in songs or just hide spells in songs, using occult language as well. Or even like the ‘NECROMANCY’ song, that came from a spell.” 

The militantly pro-aobrtionist's small number of songs and music videos are notable for their explicit content such as full nudity, their heightened focus on sex, and direct links to the occult 

Drawing on her self-description as a “witch” and her public involvement with the occult, Robinson ended her performance by having the words “Crown the Witch” in Gothic text appear on the screen behind her. She also had the phrase tattooed on her face in Ogham script.

The catchphrase “Crown the Witch” has since gone viral on social media sites, with Robinson winning notable support from the Irish media and numerous Irish politicians, including newly appointed Prime Minister Simon Harris.

Her description of writing music bore strong similarities to a kind of demonic possession, with Robinson stating that she sometimes has no real memory of writing things: “I can go into a vortex. Writing music is very weird for me because I completely channel. I just go somewhere else for ages and then just come out with the song. I sometimes don’t even remember writing something. I have this one track that I wrote years ago and it’s one of my favorite tracks lyrically. I can’t remember writing it.”

She has professed that her aims are “to talk more about the occult and get people more familiar with it and make people stop being so judgy about witchcraft.” 

“My goal in life is to make everybody leave all the other religions and join witchcraft,” Robinson stated.