No Room for Porn in a Decent Society

Millions of young teenagers are having their attitudes to sex and relationships warped by a tidal wave of sexual deviancy through highly profitable pornography websites.

A twisted rape culture is metastasising all around us as entire generations get addicted to digital sexual violence that has normalised deviant, degrading, and destructive sexual practices. 

A wave of sex crimes has recently been reported among minors in the U.K., fuelled by porn. Meanwhile a report by France’s equality watchdog noting that 90 percent of mainstream porn content featured abuse so horrific that much of it constitutes sexual torture.

One good sign is that giant porn site Pornhub is now facing a wave of lawsuits from those who had videos of their abuse posted to the site. There is a very clear connection between sexually violent behaviour and digital porn use – as well as the crimes of Pornhub, one of the world’s largest porn monopolies. 

The effects of the porn pandemic are all around us. Interviewed by pro-family campaigners,  students at middle schools and high schools have given shocking insights into what they’re watching. They send emails describing the first time they saw porn – usually before the sixth grade – and the way the violent material that is on the main page of every porn site has twisted their minds. Girls especially complain that porn bleeds into relationships – that choking, anal sex, hitting, and other forms of sexual violence are now expected – even, horrifyingly, in many Christian marriages. 

There is no room for this horror in a decent society. The first step on the road back is to talk to your own children about it. Warn them. Counsel them. Save them!