Nike Pervert St. George's Cross

Woke footwear giant Nike has become the latest brand to put politically correct virtue-signalling ahead even of its own profits.

Nike has come under pressure from England fans who complain that its 'playful' modification of the St George's Cross has left it looking more like the 'gender fluidity flag' than the national emblem.

The manufacturer has sparked outrage by perverting the English flag from a traditional red cross to one that is light blue and purple on the back of its latest jersey.

The American company claims the change was took cues from the training kit worn by the England team which won the 1966 World Cup and aimed to honour the 'classic colour regime'.

However, some have heaped scorn over the excuse, claiming it looks nothing like the training gear worn by Sir Alf Ramsey's men and demanding the flag is returned back to its original colours. The 1966 England training kit was blue, with red and white stripes, while the changed flag on the new top has shades of red, blue and even magenta, with no white at all.

There have even been calls for a boycott, with some remarking on the resemblance between the colours of the changed St George's Cross and the gender fluid trans flag.

The shirt has the full backing of the ultra-woke FA, who are understood to 'completely stand by it'.

Some fans have branded the move 'ridiculous' while others have hit out at the 'disrespectful' change.

Posting a picture of the 1966 England training kit, one person wrote on X (formerly known as Twitter): 'Doesn’t look the same as 1966 training kit to me?'

Another person added: 'Looks very similar to a "Gender Fluid Flag" to me! This should only be White and Red.'

Another England fan wrote: 'It's disrespectful and creates division, you of all people should have learned from the actions of Budweiser and Doritos with regards to real people's reactions to companies like you forcing your opinions and morals on the public. Time to boycott Nike!'

Perhaps the most shocking thing is not that Nike have done this, but that not one single leading Church of England clergyman has joined football fans in condemning the trannyfication of the St. George Cross. Because, in the end, this isn't an insult to football fans or a football team, it's part of the woke, cultural Marxist rebellion against God.