New liberal government to impose abortion on Poland

Following the legalising of baby-murder in Ireland, the anti-human global liberal elite switched its attentions to Poland, where staunch Catholic resistance had pushed back hard to make the country one of the safest places in the world for unborn babies.

Now Poland could legalise abortion during the first three months of pregnancy via new legislation that could weaken the traditionally Catholic country’s legal protections for the preborn. A significant number of the nation’s Catholic population is likely to resist the move, though the Polish prime minister has hinted at using means other than the legislature to push the change.

Recently elected arch-liberal Prime Minister Donald Tusk, who is part of a governmental shift in the country away from conservative leadership and toward a pro-European Union stance, said in a Friday interview that his center-left political group, Civic Coalition, would forward a bill permitting abortions during the first third of an unborn baby’s life under some circumstances.

“Civic Coalition will submit a bill that gives the right to safe abortion up to the 12th week with certain conditions,” Tusk told the country’s three largest news outlets.

Current law in Poland makes abortion illegal except in cases of rape, incest, or to save the life of the mother. Medical interventions to deal with miscarriages or ectopic pregnancies are not abortions.

Despite the liberal plan, however, Poland is headed by a pro-life Catholic president with veto power over any pro-abortion legislation, and an amendment in the national constitution could put pro-abortion laws in jeopardy of being ruled unconstitutional.

Will there be a majority of votes for this? If Third Way does not change its mind, probably not, because there is no point counting on [the Law and Justice party],” complained Tusk.

But he hinted at ways to cram down the change even without majority backing.

Tusk told the media that “if law is not possible because we do not obtain a majority of votes, we will look for ways to implement regulations, administrative decisions, persuasion and certain policies conducted by the health ministry” to permit abortions.

He said he was personally opposed to determining the issue via referendum, though he explained he would be open to revisiting the notion “if it turns out that the only way to liberalize abortion law is through a referendum.”

Despite the uncertainty, the very fact of Poland's political lurch highlights the risk that the country could follow the path of Ireland, a once traditionalist country where Catholicism has collapsed at a staggering speed. Prayer and militant organisation are vital if the globalists' hatred of Christianity and humanity are to be resisted successfully.