New App is Great ProLife Tool

Pro-life organization Live Action this week announced the launch of a stunning new web-based app called “Window to the Womb” that allows users to see the miraculous development of babies from the moment of fertilization until birth.

“Window to the Womb not only educates on the reality of human life in the womb but also stands as a powerful condemnation of abortion,” Live Action founder Lila Rose said in a statement. She said the app’s “interactive experience transcends differences, providing an unbiased, scientifically accurate exploration of human development.”

The free, easy-to-use application brings users into an exploratory journey of the growth and development of a human baby inside the womb from a tiny “zygote” to a full-term infant at 40 weeks’ gestation.

The app notes that terms like “embryo” and “fetus” merely “refer to the age and stage of development of a human being,” akin to the terms ‘infant,’ ‘toddler,’ ‘teenager,’ and ‘adult.’”

In the main brief sequence, the user views the virtual child’s development in a rapid, time-lapse style video backed by peaceful instrumental piano music. Users can also choose to highlight specific periods of development in which they can see depictions of various moments in the child’s life and click into text boxes that contain detailed descriptions of the scientific realities that are occurring, even at the earliest stages of development when many vulnerable babies are violently murdered. 

One such description window informs users that the child’s “Sex, ethnicity, hair color, eye color, and countless other traits are already determined from the moment of conception.” Another notes that a “child’s heartbeat can be detected just 22 days,” while yet another points out that by just 6 1/2 weeks “parts of the brain composing the right and left cerebral hemispheres appear,” which will “control thought, speech, hearing, sight, voluntary movement, memory, and many other functions.”

It is now well-known that pregnant mothers are far less likely to go through with abortions after seeing an ultrasound image of their baby. That reality has triggered a bevy of legislative efforts in the past seeking to require ultrasounds before abortions. The app goes a step further, showing in vibrant color the living reality of a child’s pre-birth life.

In a statement provided to Live Action, Save the Storks CEO Diane Ferraro hailed the new app as an excellent resource for pro-life pregnancy centers.

“Sharing Window to the Womb with women who board our mobile medical clinics will provide another compelling reason to make the decision for life for their babies,” she said. “This powerful resource will ensure Save the Storks and the whole pro-life movement is providing equal access to motherhood.”

Jor-El Godsey, president of Heartbeat International, also told the organization that the app is “a visually powerful tool” that can be used by “anyone to champion life.”