Network Rail Promote Perversion

Network Rail has unveiled a 'Pride Pillar' in one of the country's busiest stations – featuring flags representing 'gender fluidity', 'demisexuality' and 'polyamory'.

Critics of the exhibit, installed at London Bridge station, said the publicly owned railway company had broken its own 'no political posters' rule.

Network Rail said the array of flags on the pillar, created to celebrate LGBT+ history month, was intended to 'help prevent confusion and misunderstanding about identity'.

Other flags on the pillar include the polyamory Pride flag, with navy, red and black stripes and a yellow pi sign at the centre, representing an 'infinite' number of potential partners. 

The gender-fluid Pride flag also features, representing people who do not identify as having a fixed gender, as does the aromantic flag, representing people who do not experience romantic feelings.

A spokesman said: 'Network Rail is proud to be an inclusive company that promotes diversity and equality. We worked closely with our diversity and inclusion team to develop the pillar.'

Needless to say, attempts to promote a 'Straight Pride' flag have all been dubbed 'hate symbols' by Britain's LGBTQ-obsessed authorities.