Monstrous Attack on Family Values in Illinois

A truly monstrous law proposed in the US state of Illinois would have parents and guardians facing criminal child abuse charges if they don’t help their children or others under their care get themselves genitally-mutilated or have abortions.

The proposed legislation would target parents who decline to help their minors undergo surgical or chemical mutilation in order to present themselves as the opposite sex.

Democratic Rep. Anne Stava-Murray introduced the bill last week. HB4876 would amend the “Abused and Neglected Child Reporting Act” to declare anyone an “abused child” if they are denied “primary care services, abortion services, or gender-affirming services.”

It would also shield abortionists, surgeons, and other medical professionals from “civil or criminal liability” if they kill preborn babies or remove healthy organs from kids without their parents' consent. 

It is part of a broader campaign by Illinois Democrats to wipe out all protections for preborn babies, minor children seeking abortions, and women in general. The state has already legalised abortion up until birth. The state also no longer requires parental notification. In addition, Illinois directly funds abortions using taxpayer dollars following a law signed by liberal Republican Governor Bruce Rauner in 2017.

However, Democrats and pro-abortion activists in the state have failed to force pro-life pregnancy resource centers to promote and refer for abortions. Following a federal lawsuit, Governor J.B. Pritzker and Attorney General Kwame Raoul both agreed not to enforce Senate Bill 1909, which targeted pregnancy centers for allegedly having “deceptive business practices.”

The state itself agreed not to enforce the law following a federal lawsuit by Thomas More Society and pregnancy resource centers.

It is ironic that a child abuse law supposely aimed at punishing the physical and emotional damaging of a child, could punish parents for not assisting their daughters in suffering abortions.

The Democrats have taken a statute about child abuse and are trying to twist it in such a way that child abuse, sexual abuse that often leads to abortion, is easier for predators.