March for Life to Spread to Canada

Pioneered in the USA, England and Ireland, the March for Life is set to spread to Ottawa in Canada next year. Next spring, the streets of Quebec City will be flooded by pro-life demonstrators seeking to bring cultural and legal change to both the province and the country more broadly.

June 1 of next year has been set as the day for the first ever Quebec March for Life. President of the Quebec Life Coalition (QLC) Georges Buscemi told LifeSiteNews that the decision to start a new march in Quebec was based on the success of the American March for Life.

“This is really a reaction to the overturning of Roe v. Wade and the idea that, ‘can this happen in Canada?'” Buscemi said. “At the same time the progressive left in Quebec were thinking, ‘how do we stop this from coming into Quebec?'”

Buscemi was referring to Quebec minister Martine Biron who has made it known that she wants to enshrine into law “a woman’s right” to abortion in the province, despite the fact that no serious effort has yet been made to prohibit the deadly practice.