"Love Letter to the Pro-Life Movement"

A new documentary is giving Canadian pro-lifers a step-by-step mission in the hopes of accomplishing victory in their lifetimes. Roe Canada: The True North in a Post-Roe World from Canadian filmmakers Dunn Media, aims to bring new life to Canada after the fall of Roe v. Wade in America.

Director and producer Kevin Dunn says this documentary is a passion project that he has been looking to make for years.

“I have often called this a love letter to the pro-life movement. I was looking for an opportunity to really address the history of the pro-life movement here in Canada but never really had that inciting incident of, why do it?”

That changed when the Supreme Court of the United States overturned Roe v. Wade in the landmark Dobbs v. Jackson case in June of 2022. Dunn hopes to build on this momentum with the main message from his documentary: Do not lose hope.

“As Christians, Saint Paul says we are people of hope,” he said. “I think the movement can feel a bit beleaguered, a bit hopeless, especially given the political climate and just the general societal climate.”

Despite this, Dunn pointed out that pro-lifers in the United States were feeling the same way with Roe being in effect for so long.

“The bottom line is, that change happened. Nobody thought it was going to happen. Can it happen here? As Christians we believe yes, and as Christians we believe absolutely, because we know who wins in the end.”

The film follows two women, Ruth Robert from Newfoundland and Josie Luetke from Ontario, as they participate in pro-life protests and demonstrations while interviewing prominent figures like Abby Johnson, Seth Dillon, and Jonathon Van Maren.

“This film is not to convince anyone. I made it for the pro-life movement, I made it to give hope and inspiration to the pro-life movement, if others’ hearts are moved by it, [that’s] absolutely [welcome].”

“For those who say, ‘this is too Christian, this is too one sided,’ I say, without the Lord we will never win this battle. To exclude Him from the conversation, we might as well just give up right now.”