Liberal States and the Organ Transplant Racket

Canada and the Ukraine are the poster children of the liberal elite. The Trudeau regime regularly beats even Sweden, New Zealand and Scotland to the top of the League of Barking Mad Liberal Hellholes. Meanwhile, the Zelensky regime in Kiev has become the most expensive and demanding pet the globalists have ever had.   

The Ukrainian government passed a law last year to allow 'doctors' to harvest the organs of dead soldiers. As a result, the country is awash with dark accounts of many of the soldiers recorded as 'missing' have in fact been rushed to hospitals while mortally wounded, then kept on live support machines until their saleable organs could be stripped from their bodies and sold.

Flights are said to leave Kiev every day - heading for Western Europe, the USA and Israel - with stacks of cold boxes containing kidneys, lungs, eyes, skin and every saleable bodily part. As young and formerly fit men, the unfortunate conscripts of the terrible war are worth far more dead than alive. The gruesome trade is extremely profitable.

Meanwhile, a different source of organs has been brought on line in Canada. Data just released shows that since MAiD (Medical Aid in Dying) became legal in 2021, over half of the world's organ transplants from those who were euthanised were done by doctors in Canada.

Under the Trudeau regime, more than 10,000 people a year are now being shuffled off their mortal coils early. Some are, of course, volunteers for early death, but more and more cases are emerging of unfortunate individuals being declared suitable candidates for the lethal injections without their or their loved ones' consent, or when they are clearly mentally ill and not in control of their minds or decisions.

But, although the cause of actual death is different, the victims of war in Ukraine and of medical murder in Canada all end up on the same lucrative conveyor belt. It's not as big as the Covid vaccines racket, but it's all just another part of the Big 
Pharma racket.