God Will Not Hold Us Guiltless

“Silence in the face of Evil is itself Evil. God will not hold us guiltless. Not to speak IS to speak. Not to act IS to act.” – Dietrich Bonhoeffer

In America alone, over 70 million babies have been murdered since 1972, not including chemical abortions, which account for over 50 percent. Just like the 1940s, those professing to be Christians have been overwhelmingly silent. We’ve been lied to by the religious Pharisees of our day and told to “Sing a Little Louder,” but sadly no song can drown out the silent screams.

Before the “death of God,” the saints of early Christendom understood the power of faith. Souls bought for a price. They travelled the world spreading the Gospel and performing acts of charity for the most vulnerable at any cost. Many were beaten. Many were stoned. Many were imprisoned, and all but one apostle was martyred, setting the example for saints thereafter. “Good Soldiers of Christ” is what we were set apart to be.

Where are the martyrs today, where are the saints? Today, the “church” has transitioned from an army of truth into nothing more than a “Self-Help Book Club.” Pastors are no longer generals who join the ranks of Paul and Peter. No. Today, pastors are performers, smoke machine technicians, and therapists who exist to help you cope with whatever trauma or insecurities that seem to be troubling you. The Truth has been watered down, the Gospel has been neutered, and the salt has lost its saltiness.

The pro-life movement, as a reflection of this “church”, has been hijacked by neutered pastors/priests, risk-averse lawyers, politicians, and marketing firms who seek to maximize donations, votes, public perception, and, of course, seats in the pews. Truth has become a foreign idea, and those who stand against the movement’s watering down are now chastised as “radicals.”

The current failure of the pro-life movement lies in its inconsistency, persisting in advocating for philosophically invalid and unsound solutions to extremely strong claims. If faced with the scenario of your neighbor drowning your own child in his pool, you would surely intervene physically. But why don’t we physically intervene to save the unborn? Is it because we love our own wealth more than we love God? Is it because we love our own freedom more than we love God? Do we truly worship the God of the Bible?

This may sound harsh, but every time we stand idle as a pregnant woman murders her child and ignores our “gentle” calls, we commit the sin of omission. Are we not therefore complicit in the abortionist’s act? Do we not carry a special guilt, in that unlike the abortionist, we at least claim to worship God?