'Ghoul' Brandishes Abortion Tools

A 'ghoulish' Indiana abortionist received backlash after posting a tweet praising abortion that featured a picture of her posing with an instrument used in surgical procedures. 

Dr. Katie McHugh, a self-described “queer OB/GYN,” caused outrage when she posted a tweet in which she called abortion “common,” “moral,” and a “family value.” As part of the post, McHugh included a picture of herself posing with a cannula, an instrument used in surgical abortions to suck a baby - or the remains of a dismembered baby - from its mother’s womb. 

“Happy Friday! #Abortion care is still legal in Indiana,” McHugh tweeted Friday. “We’re doing everything we can to keep it that way.” 

“#AbortionIsHealthcare – as well as a community priority, a family value, and a normal part of life,” McHugh continued. “Abortion is moral, common, and it isn’t going away. Neither are we.” 

McHugh's unfeeling display of enthusiasm for baby-murder repulsed even some commentators previously in favour of abortion. The negative backlash included: 

Former UFC/MMA champion Jake Shields, who describes himself as “pro-choice,” stating, “Seeing how happy you are to kill babies makes me question my pro choice (sic) stance.” 

Likewise, Joshua Reed Eakle, marketing director for Students for Liberty, a libertarian organisation, tweeted, “Abortion should *never* be celebrated. I say this as someone who’s against making it illegal. What an absolutely unnerving and creepy post.”