Gazan Christians Cling to the Way of Cross

The Christians in Gaza are sharing all the suffering of their Muslim neighbours in Gaza. Despite the mainstream media's refusal to explain the reality, the ruthless Israeli war is against all Arabs. The Way of the Cross now resonates in a profound way for Christians in Gaza — not only are they short of basic necessities amid ongoing war, but most of their homes have been destroyed.

More than 650 refugees are taking shelter in the Holy Family Parish compound, where they can find consolation in remembering the sufferings of Our Lord Jesus Christ while praying the Via Crucis, shown in pictures by Auxiliary Bishop William Shomali of Jerusalem.

“What is moving is that these Catholics celebrate it this year while they live it in real life, having shortage of food, fuel, medicine, but not faith,” Bishop Shomali told LifeSiteNews.

“I thank you all for supporting these Christians to survive, and later to rebuild their life. All of them live in the parish compound. They cannot go to their houses, not only for the lack of security, but also because they have been destroyed. The unique safe place for them now is the parish,” he explained.

The supply of food and basic necessities to Christians in Gaza is difficult because roads have been blockaded or destroyed, and direct aid can now be delivered only by helicopter. 

The community is also mourning the loss of two women in the compound who were killed in December by Israeli sniper fire. With a growing famine as a result of the Israeli blockade, however, sorrow for the dead is increasingly outweighed by concern for those - especially the children - who are at present still alive.