First They Came for the Unborn....

The Oireachtas (Irish parliament) Joint Committee on Assisted Dying in Ireland has issued a controversial final report recommending the legalization of assisted suicide for people with health conditions that are “advanced, incurable, irreversible, and progressive.”
On March 20, the same day Leo Varadkar resigned as Taoiseach, the Joint Committee on Assisted Dying in Ireland outlined 38 recommendations for assisted suicide in a detailed report after hearing from experts and speakers since January 2023.

In October 2020, the Marxist Solidarity-People Before Profit TD (member of parliament) for Dublin Mid-West Gino Kenny (pictured) tabled the Dying with Dignity Bill 2020 to the Oireachtas. The aim of the bill is to allow the option for assisted dying at the end of life for people suffering from a terminal illness.

On Jan 24, 2023, a special parliamentary committee was established to discuss the legal, medical, and ethical issues of assisted suicide as well as the practicalities of introducing such a law in Ireland.

The fourteen committee members heard from a broad range of professionals, medical experts, lobby groups, and individuals from Ireland and abroad advocating for and against assisted suicide during the special parliamentary meetings held in Dublin.

Despite all the fancy words and emotive rhetoric, it all boils down to this: Ireland is in the grip of an atheist culture of death. "First they came for the Unborn, but I was already born, so I said nothing. Then, when I was old, they came for me...."