FBI Spy Targets Pro-Lifers

The Biden regime FBI is stepping up its aggressive monitoring and infiltration of pro-life and Christian groups, even as it turns a blind eye to many violent Antifa, 'green' and pro-abortion groups and activities.

The latest example comes from the pro-life Progressive Anti-Abortion Uprising, which has just gone public exposing the actions of a suspected FBI informant. The individual ‘arrived late to the meeting, was wearing a black mask, and left early,’ though not before he allegedly created a recording used in federal court against PAAU director of activism Lauren Handy.

The Progressive Anti-Abortion Uprising (PAAU), a group that fights abortion without taking a religious stance, says the FBI informant infiltrated and “surreptitiously recorded” a January meeting in which they planned pro-life “rescues” at abortion facilities.

PAAU, which made headlines last year after reportedly discovering the bodies of five late-term babies outside a Washington, D.C. abortion clinic, says that recording was then used to allege that PAAU director of activism Lauren Handy had violated her terms of release after charges of violating the Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances (FACE) Act.

According to the group, “The FBI is working overtime to unjustly target peaceful nonviolent anti-abortion activism that abides by federal law!”

In a lengthy Twitter thread on Wednesday, PAAU argued that an individual who attended the group’s Thursday, January 19 meeting at the Watergate Hotel in Washington, D.C., was an FBI informant who created a recording of the meeting in order to provide it to law enforcement.

According to the thread, the suspected individual identified as “Eric Mike Santos” had “arrived late to the meeting, was wearing a black mask, and left early, likely a strategy to avoid engagement by any of the legitimate attendees.”

The group said the individual subsequently attempted to “follow up directly with PAAU staff” in a bid for more “information about PAAU’s planning practices,” something PAAU suggested was “likely an attempt to gather additional information to be used against PAAU activists in court and to further their surveillance efforts.”

The pro-life group said it believes that “Santos” was “an informant with the FBI and the source of the recording.”

“It is shocking that the FBI is spending time and resources to physically send informants into our spaces to secretly record the work of totally nonviolent life-saving actions which are compliant with federal law,” PAAU founder and executive director Terrisa Bukovinac said. “This is a complete misuse and weaponization of the justice department and clearly demonstrates why the FACE Act must be fully and rapidly repealed.”