Down's Teen Lobbies PM

A teenager with Down's Syndrome has urged the Prime Minister to overhaul abortion laws in England and Wales that directly discriminate against preborn disabled babies.

Millie Anna Prelogar, 18, met Rishi Sunak to discuss provisions that allow babies who have a disability to be aborted up to term. The legal limit for other babies is 24 weeks.

Ms Prelogar said the difference in law reinforces negative stereotypes about disabled people and undermines the value and dignity of a disabled person's life.

In a statement to the media, she said:

"At first I was shocked and then I felt offended that the current abortion law discriminates against people like me, this reinforces negative stereotypes and questions the value and dignity of my life.

"I want the appeal judges to get rid of section 1(1)(d) of the Abortion Act so foetuses with disabilities are treated the same as all other foetuses.

"Having Down's Syndrome is no big deal. We can do anything we set our minds to with just a little extra help and support."

Over the past few years, there has been a growing debate about the UK's permissive abortion laws and how they are out-of-step with other changes that affirm the worth and dignity of disabled people.

Actress Sally Phillips, whose son has Down's Syndrome, backs reform of UK abortion laws and has shed light on prenatal testing that sees disabled babies "screened out".

Disabled campaigner Heidi Crowter has mounted a legal challenge against abortion legislation by taking the UK Government to court and is currently appealing a ruling by the High Court.

The days when UK law permits a Nazi-style extermination policy against handicapped babies may be drawing to a close!