Demonic Joy Over French Abortion Vote

What sort of society legalises and celebrates the mass slaughter of babies? Just a few decades ago the answer would have been "evil and long-gone worshippers of Baal and Moloch". But now the answer is "Ireland, the UK and especially France". Mass child murder is now routine in "liberal" states.

France, however, has lurched even further back to the times of Moloch than most. According to mainstream news outlets, an “explosion of joy” welcomed the announcement that 780 out of 902 Senators and National Assembly members had voted to “enshrine” the legal killing of unborn babies in the French constitution at the start of this week. Hundreds of feminist activists who had joined a public demonstration in favor of abortion at the Trocadéro, opposite the Eiffel Tower on the right bank of the Seine, screamed with delight.

The Eiffel tower itself was illuminated with hundreds of sparkling lights while a short message lit up on its facade: “Mon corps, mon choix (“My body, my choice”). Crying, cheering, laughing and dancing to the sound of ABBA, the demonstrators reacted as if a major victory had just been won over some terrible ill. But they were celebrating the symbolic victory of death over life, with a glee that can only be called demonic. 

Meanwhile, the French birth rate has crashed, with only certain ethnic minorities still having more children than needed simply to replace the existing population. France is on the course towards extinction and - if we are to judge from the sickening scenes in Paris on Monday - such a fate is well-deserved. God will not be mocked!