Dark mRNA Truth Finally Admitted

The dark truth about the experimental mRNA vaccines is finally out. The mainstream media in the English-speaking world are till trying to cover it up, but one of Germany's most important newspapers has admitted it: The untested, 'experimental' vaccines pumped into millions of people are "unexpectedly" changing the genetic framework of cells in the bodies of their victims.

The Frankfurter Algemeine has gone public with the findings of a major study in Nature, which has confirmed the warnings of vaccine realists. Long after Covid itself has been downgraded to non-threatening common cold status, the mRNA jabs are causing "unexpected molecular processes" deep inside people's bodies.

With previously healthy jab victims dropping dead with "unexplained" Sudden Death heart-attacks, and with "turbo-cancer" striking and rapidly killing more people than ever, every new case increases the growing worry felt by millions. Huge numbers of people who trusted government, the media and the medical profession are now gripped by the fear that the jabs are going to kill them or their loved ones, sooner or later.

This story is far from over. Indeed, it may only just be beginning.....