Culling the Canadian Herd

British Columbia has just released its 2023 provincial euthanasia data.

According to the BC Medical Assistance in Dying 2023 report there were 2,767 reported assisted deaths, up by 10 percent from 2,515 in 2022.

It is concerning that “other conditions” represented 32.9 percent of the BC assisted deaths in 2023. Other conditions were reported under these categories:

Autoimmune Condition 2.4%, Chronic Pain 24.8%, Diabetes 9.8%, Frailty 60.5%, Other Comorbidities* 52.1%.

Canada’s MAiD law does not require that a person be terminally ill. Diabetes, frailty, chronic pain, and autoimmune conditions are usually chronic and not terminal conditions.

The report does not indicate the conditions that comprise “Other Comorbidities” yet the report indicates that mental disorders, as a comorbidity, is within that category.

Euthanasia for mental disorders alone is not permitted in Canada but if a person has a mental disorder and another comorbidity (condition) then the person can qualify to be killed by MAiD.

The report excludes any important information, such as an analysis of questionable deaths or a further examination of why a person actually asked to be killed, rather it only includes their condition.