Christians Burn LGBTQ Propaganda

The promotion of LGBTQ perversion and confusion through propaganda aimed at children and adolescents is one of the most disgusting and destructive of all the many evils promoted in and by the modern "West". Living as we do in the "heart of the Beast", Christians like us can generally only resist such things in our own families and small groups of like-minded people, but an example of much broader, public action that has taken place in Russia can at least inspire us with the hope that more militant resistance will one day also sweep through and cleanse our own homelands.

Employees of the Citizens' Rights Protection Centre of the party "Just Russia - Patriots - For Truth!" handed over LGBT literature to the Orthodox priest Father Gennady at Alexander Nevsky Church. The local branch of the party bought the entire stock of books with LGBT propaganda in a local bookstore.

Alexander Mishin, a representative of Just Russia suggested that the books would be burned in a crematorium:

"We think that after that there will be no more new imports and sales of such literature, at least openly. Both the Nizhny Tagil diocese and patriotic movements are working with us, on behalf of which appeals to the prosecutor's office regarding these materials will be prepared. In the near future we plan to visit the remaining bookstores, buy the last copies, and then decide on the date of disposal. The place has not yet been chosen - perhaps it will be a crematorium, so it would be easier to throw it all in one place and burn."

Yevgenia Mikhailidi, an expert on family, maternity, and childhood issues at the party's "Center for Citizens' Rights Protection" explains their motivation further:

"We are not evaluating the psychological illness of these people, we are talking about the unacceptability of LGBT propaganda. The books are in the public domain, there are no age restrictions on them. We consider it propaganda in its purest form, which means we have to protect our children by any means necessary."

Father Gennady himself said:

"Nothing to do with morality here. There is immorality here. This is lawlessness, which people simply call 'sodom'. This is definitely unacceptable to us - to our mentality, to our Russian tradition. It is simply disgusting. I think this is the essence of this satanic information propaganda."

The priest also expressed his gratitude for the civic position shown by the specialists and activists of the CPAG:

"I am very glad that young people are not indifferent, quite actively engaged in the purity of morals and defends the basis of the state - the family. The family is the foundation. A healthy family means a healthy society. A sick family - a sick state. So we understand and support it. I think our Orthodox Gymnasium, teachers and parents are not indifferent to what you are doing. And every church parish with a priest is standing up for our traditional values now more than ever. Especially family values. And those morally high ideals that our people had and gave them strength must be restored today. Before us are heroes and saints. A nation that forgets its heroes ceases to be a nation. When a man becomes obsessed with passions, he will kill himself. It is no matter alcoholism, no matter drug addiction - any perversion of nature is dangerous for us. We would not want our holy Russia, the Russian land, which God gave us, to be desecrated by this abomination - sodomy. We love our land and must not allow this."