Christian Farmer Wins Huge Pro-Family Victory

While most court cases in the UK these days go against Christians and 'straight', white people generally, a case just concluded in the USA has just reminded us that traditionalists can use intelligent 'lawfare' just as well as the left do

A Roman Catholic farmer, who was banned from a farmers’ market in the US state of Michigan because he only allows opposite-sex couples to use his property for weddings, has been awarded $825,000 following a court ruling.

In 2017, Country Mill Farms (CMF) owner Steve Tennes was barred from continuing to sell products at East Lansing Farmer’s Market, after he explained on Facebook that he doesn’t hire out his land for same-sex weddings because of his “deeply held religious belief that marriage is the union of one man and one woman”.

Following CMF’s court victory last August, the city of East Lansing has agreed to pay the company $825,000 and uphold its right to operate in accordance with its religious beliefs.

In his court ruling in favour of Country Mill Farm, Judge Paul Maloney stated that the company was “forced to choose between their religious beliefs and a government benefit for which CMF was eligible”.

Kate Anderson, Senior Counsel at religious liberty group Alliance Defending Freedom, which supported the case, said: “The court was right to agree that the First Amendment protects Steve, like every other small business owner, to operate his business according to his faith and convictions.

“We’re pleased to favorably settle this lawsuit on behalf of Steve so he and his family can continue doing what Country Mill does best, as expressed in its mission statement: ‘glorifying God by facilitating family fun on the farm and feeding families.'”