Canada Goes Gender Theory Mad!

 A federally funded “toolkit” for educators in Canada presents ahistorical and left-wing ideological agenda items instead of solidly based facts to educate teachers about transgenderism.

The toolkit’s stated purpose is to teach teachers about transgender-identifying students, but its nearly-100 pages are dripping with social justice theory, leftist identity politics and various false claims about biology, history and sex.

The 94-page document, which includes a “land acknowledgement” suggesting the land on which the document was drafted was previously occupied by a smattering of tribal peoples including the “Anishinaabek, Haudenosaunee, Lūnaapéewak and Chonnonton Nations,” was created by Western University professor of equity and social justice education Wayne Martino, Ph.D. candidate and teacher Jenny Klassen, and school board strategic business analyst Kenan Omercajic.

The “trans-affirming toolkit,” which includes an optional challenge for readers to spend a day recording “how many times you assume the gender of the people you interact with,” also touts resources such as the so-called “gender unicorn,” which presents false and harmful perspectives of gender and sexuality to small children.

The document focuses strongly on assertions of “colonialism” in education and the need to “dismantle” it.

The absurd document is the result of a study bankrolled by the Canadian government’s Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council.

It claims that the “gender binary,” i.e., the fact there are only men and women, “is a colonial and white supremacist structure rather than a natural and indisputable truth.”