Brits Increasingly Oppose Trans Ideology

The trans lobby have really overplayed their hand! Opposition to legal ‘sex swaps’ and transgender ideology is on the rise, new research has shown.

The 2024 British Social Attitudes survey reveals that, compared to 2019, twice as many Brits say those who claim to be the opposite sex should not be allowed to change their sex on their birth certificate.

There has also been a 14-percentage point rise since 2021 in those who say trans rights have “gone too far”.

In response to the question whether “a person who is transgender should be able to have the sex recorded on their birth certificate changed if they want?”, opposition has just over doubled, from 24 per cent in 2019 to 50 per cent in 2023.

When participants were asked about “attempts to give equal opportunities” to those who claim to be the opposite sex, 47 per cent said they had “gone too far”, up from 33 per cent in 2021.

The National Centre for Social Research, which published the report, suggested the “substantial changes” in attitudes to transgenderism may have been influenced by the “intense political debate regarding gender self-identification”.

However, the Institute’s Simon Calvert observed that observed that “the growing public disquiet over allowing those who claim to be the opposite sex to change their birth certificates has happened during a period when trans activism has become increasingly aggressive”.

Last year, an Ipsos’ LGBT+ Pride survey found that UK support for pro-trans measures is among the lowest in the world.

Based on a global survey of LGBT issues in 30 countries, Ipsos found that the UK was frequently ranked nearly last in support for pro-trans causes.

Only the US polled lower than the UK in support of transgender people being allowed to use single-sex facilities “that correspond to the gender they identify with”.

The UK came 28th out of 30 countries when it came to backing “gender-affirming care” for teenagers, and 25th in relation to support for gender-neutral passports.