Abortionist in Devastating Video Take Down

Dr. Bernard Nathanson was one of America's most prolific abortionists, and was central to the cynical and dishonest campaign to promote the mass murder of babies under the guise of 'choice'. In later years, however, he woke up to the evil of what he had done, converted to Christianity and became a powerful pro-life voice.

Nathanson went on TV in March of 1983 to debate Dr. Henry Morgentaler. Surgically and skillfully, Nathanson dismembered Morgentaler’s arguments, reducing the Canadian abortionist to a spluttering fury. At one point, Morgentaler admitted that he and his wife regretted the abortion they had procured during medical school and agreed with the host that the abortion industry was a business filled with “much sorrow.” As Morgentaler angrily denounced Nathanson, who calmly pointed out that he actually had more experience in the abortion industry than Morgentaler himself did, Nathanson cut to the chase: “You are not a physician, Dr. Morgentaler. You are an abortionist.” 

This video is long, but it really deserves to be watched. Thank God for this man's conversion!