Abortion Victim Pictures Change Minds

The use of shocking pictures of aborted babies initially make some viewers angry against pro-lifers showing them, but the longer term and more important impact is to increase hostility to abortion itself.

Campaigning group Protect Life Michigan has compiled a report on the effectiveness of abortion victim photography, how the pro-life movement should respond to various post-Roe challenges, and more.

Sent to 1,200 adults, the survey asked questions about the respondents’ views on abortion while depicting various images. One group would answer questions while looking at an image of an abortion victim; the other group would answer the same questions while looking at a generic pro-life message.

When using non-victim imagery, the results found that 31 percent of respondents harbored negative feelings toward pro-lifers. Polo says this serves as a “baseline” figure – no matter what pro-lifers do, roughly three in 10 people will always oppose them and their message.

Interesting results came about when victim imagery was used. Negative feelings toward pro-lifers actually increased from 31 to 40 percent. At the same time, however, negative feelings toward abortion itself also increased, which Jonathon believes is a positive sign of the “intellectual distress” needed to change hearts and minds.

That's precisely why we have used this tactic from the very beginning. And it's why your generous support has helped us to save so many innocent lives!