Abortion Survivor in Video Campaign

A new pro-life video features the powerful story of Hope Hoffman, a 32-year-old woman who survived an abortion attempt at ten weeks and was later adopted into a loving family.   

In a June 28 video by Students for Life, Terri and Hope Hoffman, a mother and adopted daughter, shared how Hope survived abortion at only 10 weeks and is now thriving in a loving family 32 years later.   

“She was the most beautiful baby I had ever seen,” Terri recalled. “She loves with her whole heart. Her life has great purpose; her story saves lives and changes hearts.” 

When Hope was only ten weeks old, Hope’s birth mother attempted to kill Hope via abortion. When Hope’s birth mother left the abortion clinic, she believed that she had killed her child.   

However, weeks later, she realized that her baby was still alive and thankfully, determined not to return to the abortion clinic but to give Hope up for adoption.  

While Hope miraculously survived the procedure, she was left with a serious head injury. The abortion instrument had cut the scalp and slull from Hope’s forehead back to her right ear, leaving jagged edges and parts of her brain exposed.  

“Hope was born 2 months early and like most premature babies she was very small, weighing 3 lb 6 oz,” Terri recalled. “But what was especially unusual upon Hope’s arrival was the considerable injury to her head.”  

“So many people look at Hope’s condition and use it as a reason to push for more abortion but that couldn’t be further from the message families need,” Terri insisted.  

“All life is valuable and all people are created equally,” she said.